Double Talk with Anne Wood as Alaura Kingsley and Kane Alexander as Stone. Amanda Harrison as Oolie and Kane Alexander as Stone. Doubtle Talk with Anton Berezin as Stine and Troy Sussman as Buddy Fidler. Anton Berezin as Stine, What you dont know about women duet Chelsea Plumley as Gabby and Amanda Harrison as Oolie Rohan Browne as Jimmy Powers singing Ya Gotta Look Out For Yourself. Chelsea Plumley as Gabby. Angel City Quartet singing Everybodys gotta be somewhere. Lost and Found sung by Hannah Fredericksen as Mallory Kingsley. All ya have to do is wait sung by Adam Fiorentino as Lieutenant Munoz. Adam Fiorentino as Lieutenant Munoz and Alexander Kane as Stone. Youre nothing without me Youre nothing without me Jimmy Powers and the Angel City Quartet You Can Always Count On Me sung by Amanda Harrison as Oolie. Amanda Harrison as Oolie Troy Sussman as movie mogul, Buddy Fidler.

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City of Angels

City of Angels is a musical comedy which tells two stories. One is set in the real (colourful) world of the 1940s which chronicles the misadventures of Stine, a novelist, as he attempts to write a screenplay for a detective movie. Meanwhile, in parallel, the 'reel' world (in black and white) of the movie plays out on stage with the fictional characters with much of the storyline being influenced by events in the real world.

Beyond the superb performances of the all-star cast, I loved this musical for the beautiful creative synergy of direction, set design, costume, makeup and lighting. The fifth photo in this gallery is a perfect example of this - the (colourful) real world is portrayed alongside the ('black and white') movie world - all accomplished with clever use of set, lighting, costume and makeup.

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Production CompanyLife Like Company
DirectorMartin Croft
Set DesignerRobert Smith
Lighting DesignerTom Willis
Costume DesignerKim Bishop
Wigs & MakeupCorrine Day
StoneKane Alexander
Donna / OolieAmanda Harrison
Gabby / BobbiChelsea Plumley
StineAnton Berezin
Buddy / IrwinTroy Sussman
Carla / AlauraAnne Wood
Jimmy PowersRohan Browne
Avril / MalloryHannah Fredericksen
Pancho / Lt MunozAdam Fiorentino

Performed at Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse, Nov 2015.

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