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Jesus Christ Superstar

Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian landscape, this was a Jesus Christ Superstar like never seen before. From the Director's Note:

Starting from scratch, I wanted to examine more of an overarching look at how history and humanity repeats itself throughout the ages. How one person (or in cases like we see today and in the not-so-distant-past - a whole group or race of people), can be vilified out of fear mongering or simple power play over a populace ... In this version, we have one Man. A Man who can perhaps help and lift a nation or a world, but due to fear and power struggles, those in power skew the Mob to turn against him.

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Production CompanyCLOC Musical Theatre
DirectorShaun Kingma
Asst. DirectorSallyanne Mitchell
ChoreographerTamara Finch
Costume DesignerVicky Horne
Wig/Make-Up DesignerDavid Wisken
Lighting DesignerBrad Alcock
JesusDaniel Mottau
JudasScott McKenzie
MaryKatie Weston
PilateIan Andrew
CaiaphasHenry Shaw
AnnasScott Hili
HerodAdrian Carr
SimonFrank Kerr
PeterJye Cannon

Performed at The National Theatre, October 2016.

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