Ciocio-san meets Pinkerton. Pinkerton courts Ciocio-san. Goro the marriage broker arranges the marriage. Ciocio-san and her faithful servant Suzuki. The uncle, the Bonze, arrives and denounces the marriage. The Bonze. Goro returns with a new suitor but Ciocio-san refuses to entertain a new marriage. Ciocio-san and cherry blossoms. The Madama Butterfly stage at the Arts Centre Melbourne. Suzuki, Ciocio-san and her son. Ciocio-san waiting for Pinkerton to return Ciocio-san waiting for Pinkerton to return Pinkerton admits he made a mistake. Ciocio-san meets Pinkerton's wife, Kate. Suzuki torn with grief Ciocio-san asks her servant to retrieve the family hari-kiri knife. Ciocio-san preparing to commit suppuku. Final scene of Madama Butterfly.

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Madama Butterfly

A tragic opera by Puccini that tells the tragic story of a devoted geisha wife willing to do anything in the name of love.

As befitting Opera Australia, the costumes and set were lavish, yet refined. The OA website described the design aesthetic of the two set and costume designers:

The pair turned to Japanese traditions to create this world of beauty and passion.

Costumes of brilliant colour and fabrics that move sensuously, billowing in the performer's wake come from the traditions of Kabuki Theatre. From Noh Theatre, the striking spare wooden platforms and timber bridges, a floating world about a moat of water. From the traditions of Zen Buddhism, a commitment to restrained simplicity and a respect for the elements.

There are moments of breathtaking beauty in their use of wood, the movement of gossamer silks and the combination of water and flame. The Japan that Pinkerton sees is an ethereal, exotic world — fragile and beautiful, like the innocent Butterfly that he so desires.

Production CompanyOpera Australia
DirectorMoffatt Oxenbould
Set & Costume DesignersPeter England
Russell Cohen
Lighting DesignerRobert Bryan
Cio-Cio-SanHiromi Omura
PinkertonJames Egglestone
SuzukiSian Pendry

Performed at Arts Centre Melbourne, May 2015.

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