Opening number - The old red hills of home. Governor Slaton address the crowd on Confederate Day. Frankie Epps laments the murder of Mary Phagan. Journalist Britt Craig sings how the Leo Frank case could make his career. Leo Frank meets with his lawyer. Britt Craig and ensemble Lucille Frank and Britt Craig in You Don't Know This Man. Prosecutor Hugh Dorsey Iola Stover, one of the factory girls. The dream sequence from the court case Mrs Phagan sings about her child, Mary. A distraught Mrs Phagan during the court scene. An elated Leo Frank at hearing the Governor is re-examining the case. Flashback sequence with the factory girls. Jim Conley with the Governor on the chain gang. Jim Conley Leo and Lucille Frank

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Set in 1913 Georgia, Parade is a musical based on the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish industrialist from Brooklyn. The story centres around the murder of Mary Phagan, a 13 year old girl working at Frank's factory and the subsequent media frenzy, community outrage and mob law that overtakes the trial of Leo Frank.

Parade is a profound tale that touches on the turmoil of post-civil war Georgia, racism, and mob law. The events depicted in Parade eventually led to the revival of the defunt Ku Klux Klan and the Jewish Civil Rights organization, the Anti-Defamation League.

One interesting aspect to this production was that it was produced by BottledSnail Productions. BSP is a not-for-profit association that provides a creative outlet for members of the legal community as a way of giving back to the community and contributing to good mental health amongst lawyers. In this regard, a musical about a lawsuit is a perfect fit for a theatre company comprising almost entirely of members from the legal commmunity.

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Production CompanyBottledSnail Productions
DirectorBruce Hardy
Set DesignersKatie Skillington & James Stewart
Lighting DesignerSteve Hendry
Leo FrankRobert Harper
Lucille FrankAllie Sutherland
Jim ConleyJames Ao
Iola StoverStacey-Louise Camilleri
Hugh DorseySam Pearce

Performed at Coopers Malthouse Theatre, Feb 2015.

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