The opening scene - The Ballard of Sweeney Todd. No Place Like London Worst Pies in London Worst Pies in London Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett in Poor Thing. Sweeney Todd and Mrs Lovett in My Friends. The razor blades of Sweeney Todd. Anthony and the Beggar Woman. Tobias Ragg in Pirellis Miracle Elixir. The corrupt Judge Turpin The death of Adolfo Pirelli at the hands of Todds razor blade. Judge Turpin and Beedle Bamford. Judge Turpin and Beedle Bamford. Sweeney Todd slaughtering rich and poor. Tom Russell as Sweeney Todd and Britt Lewis as Mrs Lovett. The death of Judge Turpin. Tobias Ragg killing Sweeney Todd.

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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd returns to 19th Century London after wrongful punishment and learns of the perversion and destruction of his family by the corrupt judge that had initially sentenced him. Filled with rage and vengence, he opens up a barbershop and slaughters his customers by slitting their throats. Then together with partner Mrs Lovett, they turn their victims into juicy meat pies.

Director Ben Sheen created some truly innovative theatre with this production of Sweeney Todd. Todd's razors were represented by four black-clad dancers who whirled their way across the stage. The razors slaughter of his victims was represented by the razors spitting 'blood' (strawberry juice) into the faces of the performers, or by slitting their throats by swiping their 'blood' covered hands across their necks.

Ben Sheen also capitalised on the talents of one of the razors (Kelsey Brewer). He used her rhythmic gymnast talents to illustrate the 'Green Finch and Linnet Bird' song with a ribbon dance which was beautiful to watch.

Production CompanyQCMADS
DirectorBen Sheen
ChoreographerJacquie Wortley
Lighting DesignerTash King
Costume DesignerGeorgia Livermore
Hair and Make-upJessie Layman
Sweeney ToddThomas Russell
Mrs LovettBritt Lewis
Tobias RaggTom Scudamore
AnthonyJorde Heyes
Judge TurpinCharlie Vickers-Willis
Beedle BamfordReuben Jacob
Adolfo PirelliAndrew Coates

Performed at Union House Theatre, September 2013.

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