Laura Raiti as Queenie in The Wild Party Dolores parties with Gold and Goldberg. James Lowther as Burrs. Ruben Allender Clark plays the suave Jackie in The Wild Party. Laura Raiti plays Queenie in The Wild Party Jackie and underage Nadine share a drunken moment. Sasha Chong plays Nadine in The Wild Party Black and Queenie.

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The Wild Party

Ubermensch Theatre performed the LaChiusa version of The Wild Party - a musical exploring the dark underbelly of the roaring twenties. It tells the story of Queenie and Burrs, whose relationship is falling apart. They decide to throw a party fueled by bathtub gin, drugs and uninhibited sexual behaviour which escalates and spirals out of control culminating in a tragedy.

Production CompanyUbermensch Theatre
Director/ChoreographerEmmalee Miesels
Lighting DesignerJohn Collopy & Blake Condon
Costume DesignerLouise Parsons
Make-upAnna Burley
QueenieLaura Raiti
BurrsJames Lowther
BlackPaul Laidlaw
DoloresVerity Norbury

Performed at Union House Theatre, March 2015.

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